Hello Sweet Mama
I’m so glad you have found your way here!

You have so many unique challenges as a mom. You are living the ultimate high-stress, high-demand lifestyle. Being a mom is an emotionally complex endeavor. It demands that you take on numerous roles—you know what they are!

Adjusting to motherhood is extremely different than what you may have expected, a lot lonelier and WAY more difficult than you ever imagined.

It’s harder than ever to be the perfect mom. According to the experts, (and the internet) you need to do it all. You have so many unspoken expectations. You have to balance between being a wife and being a mom…oh and being an individual with your own needs! You feel guilt…you don’t think you can take time to do anything for yourself. You’re playing a constant game of “tug-of-war” between keeping on top of the day and your desire to spend quality time with your family. And that’s not even taking into account that feeling deep down…the feeling that something is missing…but you can’t admit that out loud because you don’t want to sound ungrateful. You love your life. However, you can’t hide from the fact that you are affected by the balancing act. And this produces stress that affects everything; your relationships, your health, your kids…and even yiur sanity! What other relationships are you connected to 24/7 for the rest of your life?
I’m here to tell you: You are far more exceptional than you were ever made to believe. YOU are the most amazing mom and wife on the planet and you can continue to be amazing WITHOUT sacrificing yourself.

Being a mom does not change who you are at your core. There is plenty of room for you to BE YOURSELF AND BE A COURAGEOUS AND MASTERFUL MOM.

I serve the mom who lives a chaotic, full, and beautiful life. She dedicates everything to her family, which means time for herself gets pushed to the side all too often. She’s figuring out how to orchestrate a beautiful, harmonious life between the daily necessities and her own self-devotion. She’s discovering how to live the life she wants for herself and dreams of for her children.  

After working together, my mom has more time to devote to herself. She has the confidence to follow her passions and has a renewed purpose to her life. Her life emulates what she wants for her children. She’s an inspiration to everyone around her.

My moms are able to create lasting and sustainable changes.

I want this for you.

Now it’s your turn, Mama. 
Find out where your strength lies as a mom! After you take the Quiz, you’ll receive your personalized 9-page Playbook, customized to your result.
…your reclaimed confidence as a woman and as a mom.

…the abundance of time and energy to do what is truly important to you and your family.

…your improved relationships.

…that you are an inspiration to those around you.

…Motherhood as the gift it is meant to be.

…as you live a life that turns you on.

…that you, my love, are setting a beautiful example for your children as they have a front row seat to witness the inspirational life you are creating as you lead with your passions and your desires.

My work is essential for extraordinary moms because:
  • Moms are at a crossroads of blending their own desires with the daily necessities. They still feel the inner pressure to manage many different roles as they care for and nurture their family, yet they are also wanting “more” from their lives. Many are still defining what “more” means to them.
  • Moms realize how their mothers shaped their lives (for better or worse) which makes them more conscious to modeling their lives around what they want for their children.
  • Hiring outside support has become more mainstream and moms realize that even if they don’t have “diagnosed” problems, it’s ok to ask for help and an outside perspective to improve and enhance their circumstances.

Here’s what I know to be true about the world.

Above all, love yourself unconditionally.

When you have self-love and self-devotion, you live a more fulfilled life, have deeper meaningful relationships and inspire those around you to do the same.

A girl’s relationship with her mother is the most important relationship she will have in her life.

It is where you learn unconditional love.

Parent Consciously.

Our children look up to us. We shape the adults they become. We must model the lives we want them to live.

People are fascinating.

But many of us are enduring life on autopilot. We need to change this by living fulfilling lives and sharing our extraordinary gifts with the world.

More about me

For more than 15 years I have studied parenting, leadership and feminine spirituality; through formal instruction, mastermind groups, insatiable reading, self-study, webinars, and numerous seminars. Over the past 10 years I have facilitated and contributed to multiple groups for women and provided innovative individualized coaching.

Formally, I have trained with The Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Coach Training Program, as a facilitator of Parenting the Love and Logic Way®, The Art of Feminine Presence™ Level II Teacher, and The Desire Map Instructor. I have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into my own personal development with the industry’s leading coaches and programs—and continue to do so.

In turn, you are getting the best tools and techniques I have acquired and crafted from my 15+ years of experience!

I shine when I am in a roomful of moms sharing my message.  In addition to my formal training; my most meaningful learning comes from my insatiable desire to figure out how to be the woman and mom I knew I was meant to be.

I am the founder of The Inspired Mama, a company located in gorgeous Denver, Colorado that focuses on the inspiration and wellbeing of moms.

I am honored to be a mom to our amazing daughter Jaymie, and loving wife to my hilarious husband Jim.



Passionate, but not overbearing

Sensitive, but not weak

Spiritual, but not impractical

Structured, but not cookie cutter

A leader, but not unrelatable

In addition to the fact that I live in Denver, Colorado, here are a few things you probably don’t know about me:
– I love throwing parties, but not going to them

– I can cook better than most meals I get at a restaurant

– I am borderline psychotic about Christmas lights

– I refuse to watch the news or read the paper

– I always cry at a live performance

– I also always cry when I hear our national anthem

– I love to watch live boxing

– I have read all of the Top 100 novels of all time

– I learned how to play baccarat last year, and I love it

– My cute exercise clothes are way out of proportion for the amount of exercise I do


“I am more mindful of the choices I am making in each moment.

Karen’s workshops are a good reminder that meaningful growth doesn’t have to come from pain or effort, but can just as easily come emerge from openness and willingness. Her enthusiasm is always infectious and her authenticity helps everyone feel comfortable being authentic themselves. I would absolutely recommend this program to others – it was fun, thoughtful, and I walked away with new insights and goals.”


“I can’t think of a more committed, warm, intelligent, and inspiring women to work with than Karen.

Karen’s style is so very warm and comforting you can’t but help go deep into the experience and really make the most of it.  Women/moms could really benefit from Karen’s work because it gets you to think about yourself and what’s truly important in your life. She is extremely talented and has the ability to help moms bring out the best in themselves through her insightful coaching based on her own life experiences and being a mom too.”


“Karen is an incredibly supportive, warm and genuine person.

It was nice to have someone in my corner who was very supportive and helped me envision my next steps in creative ways. It was important to have someone who kept pushing me to work through stuff, keeping me accountable with processing my ideas and moving forward.”



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