A lot of the moms that work with me, don’t even realize they have a problem.  They just know that something feels off, something is not quite right.


They have this fabulous life and are so ashamed for wanting something even more.  This more is never about material things, rather they want and NEED something more for themselves.

They have a roof over their head (a lovely home), food on the table, they are married (or were), they have children. My moms just assume that this underlying current of unhappiness or frustration is just the way it’s supposed to be.

except when it’s not

But it’s not about the lovely home, the marriage may not be the fairy tale they were hoping for, having kids and being a mother does not send them into ecstasy on a daily basis, they feel something is missing—and they feel guilty for having these thoughts.

These feelings and thoughts are nothing to be ashamed of or guilty about.  These thoughts and feeling arise when there is a conflict or incongruence between your root values and your actions.  If you’ve lost touch, now is the time to re-embrace your root values and make them a priority.

Living from your root values means putting the greatest emphasis on and committing to the experiences, activities and relationships that help you express these values.

benefits of following your blueprint

Consider all the positive ways knowing and living from our Root Values serves us. There is so much to gain here. There are an infinite number of benefits to knowing and living from our Root Values, so I selected my top eight for your consideration.


Root Values help you effortlessly make decisions with certainty.

When you are faced with a decision, your Root Values will lead you to the right answer. If you are not feeling clear when confronted with a decision, ask yourself “Does this situation honor my _________ Root Value?” or “How does this situation honor my __________ Root Value?”


Root Values help you react in difficult situations.

Our Root Values are the core part of who we are and who we want to be. They provide the guidelines and framework from which we operate that lead us to behaviors which align with who we want to be.


Root Values help clear out clutter.

We are inundated most moments of most days by massive amounts of ‘noise’. This noise is highly detrimental to us and to our families.

When we are living our Root Values, consuming at warp-speed is no longer necessary.

The consumption of food, alcohol, material goods, entertainment—you name it. Our Root Values help us to eliminate all the excess in our lives; the physical, the mental, the emotional, all of it.


Root Values help you choose the right profession (and yes, this includes the profession of being a mom).

We have a lot of options at our disposal and our Root Values will help us choose the path that’s right for us. If we really lean in and pay attention we will be guided to the right profession for us, the right people surrounding us, and the right activities that will support and enrich our lives.


Root Values help you develop a sense of self.

Our Root Values support our beliefs and opinions, especially with important or ‘charged’ subjects. While secure in the wisdom of your Root Values—expressing an opinion, especially an unpopular one, becomes much easier over time and will help you understand what is truly important to you.


Root Values help develop your confidence.

When you know what you want in your life and what is important to you, what anyone else thinks will become much less important. When you choose to live your life according to your Root Values, your confidence will naturally develop as you continue to receive positive messages and feedback from your choices, actions, and the way you are in the world.


Root Values help you find your Sacred Assignments.

When you acknowledge and are living in alignment with your Root Values, your Sacred Assignments come through more clearly. Your Sacred Assignment is not always something big and huge that you devote your life to. It shows up sometimes in the smallest of ways; compelling you to grab coffee with a friend, reach out to a neighbor, help someone who has fallen in the parking lot, or hug a complete stranger who is weeping and ask them if they’d like to talk.


Root Values elevate your overall joyfulness.

Take a look at the previous seven benefits. When you envision your life with these shifts, can you feel how they all will contribute to a more joyful life? ‘Nuff said!