This is what gets me up in the morning…

A legacy of motherhood

The beauty, the mystery, and the newness of every moment.

The treasure trove of our inner wisdom.

We share our humor, our connection…our purpose, our LOVE.

We teach Responsibility, Empathy, Acceptance and Forgiveness.


You only get this one shot to model a life for your children.

It’s not about perfection –  there will be inadequacy, impossible expectations and distractions along the way…

But what you do have is the gift of NOW.

We are our child’s first mentor.

We will have a lifelong impact on their lives.


This begins with YOU.

You must cultivate your influence

and never sacrifice what matters most….

You can add magic to the ordinary


My biggest desire is to leave a legacy of what it means to be a great mom, both for my daughter and for moms around the world.  While our journeys are each unique, the foundation is the same.

If you want your children to live the life of their dreams, then you better be living the life of yours.

I know that I am on this planet to uphold and protect the virtues of love, beauty, compassion and light and I want you to join me.

A gift

And as my gift to Mamas everywhere, I have created The Masterful Mom Quiz.  This quiz was designed to show you how and celebrate where you are shining as a mom.  In addition, the quiz will reveal what patterns are undermining your best efforts.  After taking the quiz, you will receive The Masterful Mom Playbook – your personalized Strategy Pages that contain a powerful tool to support and benefit you as a mom today!

I spent many hours, researching, interviewing, and finally testing this quiz.  It was exceedingly important to me for this quiz to be so much more than merely entertaining.  It was vital that I create something that can truly help my moms in this very moment and give mamas I haven’t met yet some insight to what it would be like to work with me.  I am so pleased with the results.

It’s like a Cosmo Quiz—only better ?

If you are curious if there is something of value in it for you, here’s the link.

when we do big things

Along with The Masterful Mom Quiz, my website is now LIVE!!!

So even as I write this, I feel sick to my stomach—excitement and nerves.  Why are you sharing this? Why do you think anyone will even care—it’s JUST a website.  But the truth is, it’s never JUST anything.  We work hard, we create, we do something that is meaningful to us—and then, how often do you find yourself explaining it away, it’s no big deal, it’s just… This website feels BIG for me (even if it may seem small to others).  This is me taking up my space in this world.  This is me declaring who I am and how I am going to show up in this world.

This is me being vulnerable and announcing-Hey, I made this and I want to share it with you!  I hope to hell you love it, but if you don’t, I make no apologies.

I want to acknowledge and celebrate YOU for all the things you do that feel BIG to you—no matter what anyone else might think of them.  I want YOU to acknowledge and celebrate YOU for all the things you do that feel BIG to you.  And then ask your children what they have done that feels BIG to them and celebrate with them. I would absolutely LOVE and I encourage you to share one thing with me that you have done that feels BIG to you.  Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!

Thank you for being here, I am deeply grateful and truly inspired by the women and moms I encounter each and every day.

Big love, Karen Gruber – The Inspired Mama