Give Your Life the Meaning and Passion You Crave! 
Give Your Life the Meaning and Passion You Crave! 
From Adrift to Alive

Feel clear, inspired and energized…

And know exactly WHY & HOW you matter.

From Adrift to Alive
From Adrift to Alive
Hello sweet mama,

You are an incredibly gracious woman. You make everyone feel welcome and included. Your kids are well taken care of, you have a beautiful home and there is nothing you can’t do when you put your mind it.  

You are gracious in spirit and serve your loved ones with great charm, beauty, and creativity. The heart of your graciousness is steeped in infinite love.  

You are a breath of fresh air in our harried world. But despite all the highs, the joy and the pleasures you feel about being a mama something isn’t quite right in your life.

  • That something burdens you deep inside.
  • It keeps you awake at night.
  • It festers in your soul like an open wound.

Because in your eagerness to be the best mama you can be you’ve lost the most important part of you—your identity.

You feel so lost. you forgot who you (really) are.
You forgot why and how you matter!

  • You feel lost as a mom and woman… you feel stifled by the demands on you from others and you yearn for more purpose and pleasure… for direction and fulfillment.
  • True, unbridled happiness eludes you. You may laugh often, love deeply and connect easily with everyone around you… but you operate like a Stepford Wife, putting on your “happy” face because you don’t want to rock the boat and be a burden for others.
  • You want to make positive changes for yourself and family, but you have no idea how to start and where.
  • You’re disillusioned with your life right now, and unsure how to get unstuck and move forward.
  • You feel stagnant…wanting more purpose, more joy, more meaning.
I’m feeling your pain because I know what it feels like to experience the love and the joy and a fulfilled life!

Not so long ago I was stuck too. I was lost in the demands of raising a baby daughter and looking after the wellbeing of my husband and friends.

I felt flooded with a private shame that I wasn’t as grateful as I ‘should’ be or as happy as I ‘should’ be.

You may wonder, particularly since becoming a mom that something is missing from your life and you know you want more, even if you’re not quite sure what ‘more’ is for you.

At some point your dreams and desires have gone dark and you feel as though you have lost your footing, your focus, yourself.

At times you find yourself overwhelmed by your emotions, especially in difficult or stressful situations.

So you shut yourself off from your emotions by self-soothing with shopping, food, alcohol, chocolate binge eating sessions, you name it.

This loss of connection is keeping you from the richness of your life. It is keeping you from being truly fulfilled and barring you from the happiness that is yours to claim and enjoy.

It is time to call forth the dreams and desires that are buried deep within.

It’s time to start enjoying the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you right now!  

We are driven by our dreams.  

Being connected to our dreams and desires, innately motivates us to do the activities, seek out the interactions and experiences that bring us the 3 key components of happiness: pride, pleasure, and purpose.

We get stuck for so many various reasons: putting other people’s needs before our own, we’re disconnected from our true thoughts and feelings, we undergo life transitions, we bury parts of ourselves we don’t want others to see.  

After years (or perhaps a lifetime) of doing this, it is easy to lose sight of the person we were meant to be.  

I once believed that I was responsible for the happiness of everyone in my life!

And that sweet mama is EXACTLY why I was turning in circles and why you are too.

What I know now is that you too can integrate your personal desires, without having to sacrifice your relationships or the wellbeing of your children.

As mothers we tend to take control of everyone’s wellbeing, because we see it as our duty to raise healthy, happy children.

Sadly, many mothers do this like faithful soldiers to the detriment of their own happiness and emotional health.

We are taught to be selfless in our devotion to the family and to the community.

But this outdated “mama” model no longer works for the modern woman. 

The conscious mama of today wants more purpose, more meaning and more recognition besides changing nappies, washing clothes, being a chauffeur, daily activity planner, and short-order cook.

From Adrift to Alive
You want to know why & how you matter.

  • You want to be a conscious contributor to the community and not “just” a mama.
  • You want to wake up feeling energized, clear and inspired about what it is you’re here to be, do and have.
  • You want to give your life the meaning, the pleasure, and the passion you are missing right now.

You want to feel ALIVE! And I can help.

With the 12-week Masterful Mom Program:

From Adrift to Alive

As you rediscover your dreams and desires and renew your commitment to them, your happiness will be all the sweeter for the hardships you have carried.

This experience will give you a kick-start to resurrect your dreams and desires.  

Once these floodgates have been opened, you will be astonished at how quickly they become a part of your reality.

We are going to open your mind to brand new possibilities.  

In just 12 weeks you’ll…

  • Feel lighter emotionally.
  • Greet each day with a sense of purpose, happiness and fulfillment.
  • Have a clear life path that allows you to make decisions that support your goals and desires from a position of quiet strength and knowing.
  • Handle everyday challenges in a way that is resourceful and empowering for you.
  • Experience more joy and fulfillment in your work and your relationships.
  • Enjoy greater meaning and connection in your life without having to do more, be more, or push more.
  • Enjoy renewed passion and engagement for your life.


When a woman invests her time, energy, love and resources in herself she can move mountains.

Immerse yourself in your imagination and allow whatever will come forth to develop.  

This is no time to be critical or judgmental, just let it flow and see what bubbles up.

12 weeks, 4 stages. Your life will be transformed!

In just 12 weeks I’ll reveal to you the 4 stages of living a purposeful, pleasurable life, where you matter.

From Adrift to Alive

Stage #1: Your Exquisite Strengths, Gifts, and Talents

  • Learn the Top 7 benefits of living from your highest strengths and use these benefits as inspiration… so you can be the individual you were always meant to be.
  • Find out how understanding and focusing on your best qualities instead of your deficiencies leads to more positive emotions, better relationships, and more meaning so you can immediately create positive change.
  • Stop living your day to day that leaves you feeling exhausted, dull, and uninspired, learn the 3 keys that will activate your natural and innate abilities, so you can bring new perspectives and more meaning to all your experiences and uphold the lifestyle you desire.
  • Capitalize on your strengths, gifts and talents as both a mother and a woman and focus on the positive aspects of your life so you can put an end to the comparing yourself of others and improve your ability to create healthier relationships and position yourself to live in integrity.

Stage #2: Living Whole, Healthy and More Than Enough

  • Discover what actually makes you happy and brings you joy… so you can live by your own true design instead of societal norms and experience a life that nourishes you from the inside out.
  • Learn the process of releasing into your true emotions without fearing that you’ll become more fragile or weak in the process so you can access and relate to your emotions as well as your inner resilience in a powerful way.
  • See why making choices that support the way you feel feeds your spirit instead of finding yourself drained by choices that are contrary with your values so you can feel whole, healthy and more than enough.
  • Understand how to allow for a gratifying relationship with pleasure and
    life-affirming experiences…
    so you can become clear on your vision for your life and deeply experience joy and happiness.
From Adrift to Alive
From Adrift to Alive

Stage #3: Live the Life That Turns You On

  • See and experience how being connected to your dreams and desires, innately motivates you to do the activities, seek out the interactions and experiences that bring you the 3 key components of happiness: pride, pleasure, and purpose, so you can be all that you were created to be.
  • Understand how the women you admire can give you the greatest insight into who you wish to become, and how this knowledge provides you with a powerful source to learn from and be motivated by; experience the practice so you can discover what qualities elevate you that you have not fully embraced and how you can model these traits in your own life.
  • Discover why it’s imperative to schedule quiet time in your calendar in order to still the internal chatter so you can begin to hear the whisperings of your soul and bring profound insights into yourself and your life.
  • Become a seeker and start expanding the horizon of what is possible for your life, open to bringing in brand new possibilities and experience why creating new endeavors and breaking out of your comfort zone is the best way to rediscover yourself so you can learn what you like and dislike and rediscover and uncover new circumstances that turn you on.

Stage #4: The Life You Love

  • How to find ways to add more joy into your daily life… even during life’s ups and downs so you can choose and experience joy with ease on a daily and amplified level.
  • Understand how ‘someday’ is just another block that is holding you back, learn the powerful practice that inspires action today so you can make the changes you desire a reality.
  • Learn how to identify and take steps into your first soul project that will feed your spirit and allow you to express your unique, creative essence in a new way so you can bring your original talents into the world.
  • Bring together all the tools you have learned and use the Inspired Mama Model to design your life, design how you are going to devote your time, energy, money and talents to be a sincere and authentic reflection of you.
From Adrift to Alive

Move those mountains sweet mama.
I know you want to!

It is your birthright to be aligned with your purpose… to know what exactly it is that is driving you from deep within your soul and why you’re being buried alive by your current (outdated) beliefs.

Let me help you claim it all.

What’s inside the 12-Week Masterful Mom Program:
From Adrift to Alive?

From Adrift to Alive
12x Weekly Video Lessons
Set yourself up for success each week with an introductory video that will introduce you to the weekly topic, the upcoming lessons, and what you can expect for the upcoming week. ($1,200 value)
From Adrift to Alive
4 Stages of Mastery
Your Exquisite Strengths, Gifts, and Talents / Living Whole, Healthy and More Than Enough / Live the Life That Turns You On / The Life You Love
From Adrift to Alive
12x Live Community Coaching Calls
Get the support and nurturing you need to easily integrate and embody your learning and progress with personalized attention during the duration of the program.
($1,500 value)
From Adrift to Alive
The Masterful Mom Playbook
This foundational playbook will deepen your knowledge and accelerate your growth. ($1,200 value)
From Adrift to Alive
8 Mini Stage Surveys
Empower yourself and help you track your progress as you move through the program. ($200 value)
From Adrift to Alive
Unlimited Email Support
For any questions that may arise for you in between our calls during the program duration. ($600 value)
From Adrift to Alive
Beautiful Printable Tracking Sheets
To celebrate your progress. Yay! ($100 value)

– PROGRAM VALUE: $4,800 –

Align your ambition with purpose & pleasure!

Enjoy exclusive bonuses for enrolling in the Masterful Mom Program: From Adrift to Alive.

From Adrift to Alive
Gain insight of what your next best steps are through a Bonus Module, an introduction to the next path in the Masterful Mom series.
From Adrift to Alive
Further your learning with access to additional helpful resources, checklists, templates, calendars and timelines, delivered directly to you weekly for that week’s lesson.
From Adrift to Alive
Access the program materials from anywhere.
From Adrift to Alive
Pinpoint exactly what you want to address and what will benefit you most during our time together with your Ramp Up To Results Review.

– BONUS VALUE: $500 –



Inspired By…

Suzanne, CO

“After experiencing Karen’s workshop I’m committed to do more intentional thinking about what I want, like plane travel and international travel, and being more adventurous.

I’ve also been thinking about being more realistic about what I can achieve in a single day. I’m an overachiever by nature and perfectionism is tied into that. I always feel I could or should have done more. But I’m moving forward and enjoying the process.

I would recommend Karen’s work because it’s simply an enlightening, engaging experience no matter where you are in your life. Absolutely everyone has something they can work on or improve. I think women (moms) could really benefit from this because if anything, it gets you to think about yourself and what’s truly important in your life.”

Beth Bean, Denver, CO

Mother, Educator, Endless Seeker, Enjoy-er of Life

“Before signing up to work with Karen I wasn’t sure it was going to be truly beneficial and my work schedule is demanding, so I was a little hesitant about finding the time.

I noticed I am all over the place in all I want to do, create, learn, achieve and be. But Karen provided direction to my ever-changing focus. Her homework required me to think outside of the sessions. It held me accountable to the process. And of course, the conversations with Karen and her insightful input was great.

Working with Karen was positive and beneficial. I always felt more focused and uplifted after our sessions. Karen is an incredibly warm, insightful and non- judgmental which creates a space for growth.

I would definitely recommend Karen, because she will gently push you to work on what you desire and offer new perspectives. Each session was a valuable takeaway that made me think about something in a new way. She also made me feel more confident after our sessions.”

Be guided by your divine design.

Let me put your mind at peace sweet mama. Here’s my promise to you.

My work is intimate and individualized.

A vast amount of research and review goes into working with each mom to allow me to truly witness and champion for my moms.

I offer each client a lavish amount of personalized attention. Meaning we’re going to get on just fine and I have a feeling that we’ll be good friends before you finish the program.

I provide the guidance, the strategies and the support you’ve been seeking and yearning for.

“And suddenly you know–it’s time to start something new and trust in new beginnings.”

―Meister Eckhart

What the 12-Week Masterful Mom Program:
From Adrift to Alive Is and What it Isn’t

This program is a DEEP dive into your life to help you intentionally ignite your soul purpose so that you can live fully in alignment with your truth.

This isn’t a place to look for blame or problems in others, it’s to put you in the driver’s seat.

Over the next 12 weeks we’ll be working closely together 1:1, in a safe environment where we can connect and work on creating your new reality.

This isn’t just theory and information, it is an experiential program with lots of practices designed to set you up for success.

Together we’ll create rituals for rejuvenation to help you stand in your greatest power and be an even better mama.

This isn’t a short-term fix. With my guidance and your commitment, you will make sustainable changes.

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”

―Roy T. Bennett

From Adrift to Alive
From Adrift to Alive
It’s time for you to live with purpose & pleasure!

I’m calling you forth to design the purposeful life you desire.

I’m holding a candle to light your path.

I’m showing you that there is an easier way.

I’m whispering in your ear to trust yourself to say “YES!”

Just know this: waiting for things to “sort themselves out” is not a strategy! If you wait, nothing will change for the better. It will only continue to deteriorate.

You deserve to nurture and feed your ambitions. You’re not being selfish by asking for more purpose and direction. You’re honoring your truth in doing so.

And living your truth is the ONLY truth that matters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Life coaching is for other people, not for me.
Is it, really? I’m curious, what prompted you to think like this?

Is it because you don’t believe in yourself?

Is it because you don’t think that you deserve to be fully happy and fulfilled?

Or is it because you’re attaching a stigma to life coaching… thinking that this is some kind of shrink work?

Look, it doesn’t matter why you’re thinking that way. What matters is that you either believe you deserve and can live on purpose or you don’t.

If you do, let’s talk. If you don’t, I hope that one day in the near future you will see the truth. Bless you.

That’s a lot of money to spend on myself, what exactly can you do for me?
How much is your happiness worth to you? It’s a serious question. Think about this for a second.

Up until this point you’ve tried to find your purpose and live with more alignment alone, unsuccessfully. You’ve read the personal development blogs, bought the fancy spiritual magazines and listened to the mama podcasts that dished out lots of great advice.

And yet… you’re here. Still searching. Yearning. Dreaming.

You dream is worth any money you care to invest in yourself. I’m serious. When you can live in full alignment with your values and know that you’re doing your life’s purpose work you can only be truly happy and fulfilled.

It’s a done deal. So money is NOT the problem. Your attitude to money is.

I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work.
Typically, people fail in programs for two reasons. They don’t implement and adapt their life to make the changes they crave (+ deserve) or they don’t get the support they need from their life coach.

The way I’m different is that I will guide you with love, empathy and respect to make better choices. AND… I will also move you to act so that you can get the results you want.

I have a proven experiential process that has worked for people like you extremely well. Naturally, I am super confident that it will work for you too. The only way it wouldn’t is if you are not as committed to your growth as I am.

I want for you to stop feeling the pain and to start living with more purpose and joy.

Still have questions? Then let’s jump on a call and talk through them! I would love to meet you.

From Adrift to Alive

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