You only get one shot at modeling the life you want for your child!
You only get one shot at modeling the life you want for your child!
From Pain to Peace

You are a devoted mother!

I feel you.

I understand you.

From Pain to Peace
From Pain to Peace
You love your children more than you could ever describe in words…or with secret love notes in your journal.

You still remember all the first times… the “first” milestones that marked your baby’s journey.

The first cry.

The first smile.

The first step.

The first day of school.

The first… (insert one of the gazillion delightful memories you have about raising your beloved child).

So many memories. So much joy!

But despite the love and joy you feel for your darling little one, there is a sinister side for moms all over the world who selflessly raise their children.

And no one ever talks about this stuff.

Well, that’s about to change because I SEE you. I feel your pain and I understand your struggles.

I know that…

…You secretly struggle with the pressures of being a perfect mom.

…No matter how devoted you are, how little sleep you get, and how much you selflessly devote yourself to your child’s needs, you never feel good enough.

…DEEP INSIDE OF YOU is an empty void.

And the longer it sits there—ignored—the bigger it gets and the more it hurts.

It’s like a festering wound that never heals.

You may not be consciously aware of the pain that is tugging at your soul, but when you allow yourself to truly listen and feel deep inside, you just KNOW that something isn’t right.

Something feels… off.

And you especially know this to be true if you’ve ever:

  • Felt crushed by emotional pain.
  • Experienced low-level depression.
  • Compared yourself to other moms out there (what a vicious cycle).
  • Searched for answers to help you understand and deal with your inner turmoil.

The reality is that you’re plodding through life on autopilot, because you feel it is your DUTY as a mother to cope with all the demands.

You’re playing a constant game of “tug-of-war” between keeping on top of the day to day and spending quality time with your family.

And that’s not even taking into account that feeling deep down… the feeling that something is missing… but you can’t admit that out loud, because you don’t want to sound ungrateful.

The truth is that you only get ONE shot at modeling the life you want for your children.

And as long as you feel…

  • Depleted (emotionally, spiritually and physically);
  • Overwhelmed with the never-ending go-go-go cycles of raising a child;
  • Guilty of feeling imperfect;
  • Frustrated with your emotions; and
  • Isolated from the non-mama community.

… You are NOT serving your child’s best interest.

Instead, you’re teaching her the same patterns that are hurting you. The patterns that were imprinted on you from your childhood (without malice or bad intentions from your parents).

I know that you want to give your children the best experiences they can have.

So it’s not your fault, because no one has lovingly grabbed you by the hand and showed you a less stressful way.

From Pain to Peace
I want to show you a way of life were you can…


  • Consciously live in harmony, no matter how much chaos is all around you (true story).
  • Rediscover the raw power and beauty that lives deep within you, that will allow you to sail through motherhood like a Greek Goddess on an odyssey.
  • Experience joy, passion and peace.  Every. Single. Day.
  • Feel truly alive, cherished, and appreciated for your contribution to family and community.

Mothering is who you are, not what you do!

If you’ve lost yourself in the selfless devotion of mothering it is not too late to turn on the joy.

Hello Sweet Mama

I see you! Because I used to live your life too.

You have so many unique challenges as a mom.

  • You are living the ultimate high-stress, high-demand lifestyle.
  • Being a mom is an emotionally complex endeavor.
  • It demands that you take on numerous roles—you know what they are!!
  • Adjusting to motherhood is extremely different than what you may have expected, a lot lonelier and WAY harder than you ever imagined.

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”

―Honore de Balzac

I understand both perspectives of a mother’s role in her child’s life.

My own lack of a connection with my mom caused a great deal of pain in my life.

I struggled mightily with self-worth and self-love.  

I realized this lack of esteem stemmed from my relationship with both my birth mother and adoptive mother.  

Because of this, I have modeled my life and decisions around what I want for my daughter.

I can already see the effect on my daughter—who is growing into a dynamic and strong young lady.  

And here we are, you and I.

I’m here because I have a huge yearning to teach other moms the same magic that I’ve experienced raising my daughter.

If you’ve lost yourself in the selfless devotion of mothering it is not too late to turn on the joy.

What would it feel like if you could get out of the overwhelm and the mom guilt? If you could STOP wanting more but not even knowing what more is or what your next steps are? What if, instead, you had the time & energy you desire? What if you could improve your relationships with your loved ones? What if you had a more joyful, harmonious, and fulfilled life?

I’m here to show you this is all possible…

With the 12-week Masterful Mom Program:

From Pain to Peace

In just 12 weeks you’ll be able to:

  • Move through your world feeling powerful and effective as you make life choices.
  • Find your voice relative to what you want and need so you can move forward and make important decisions from strength and knowing, not neediness.
  • Develop emotional strength that allows you to deal with anything life throws at you. Yes, even chaos.
  • Feel confident, certain, and at peace. You’re able to fearlessly speak up for what you truly believe in.
  • Free yourself from emotional pain.
  • Express yourself more honestly.
  • Communicate your thoughts, with purpose and without breaking down into a babbling mess.
From Pain to Peace

Stage #1: Sever the manipulative grip of your inner mean girl

  • Determine the sneaky ways your Inner Mean Girl is overpowering you so you can cultivate a strong sense of inner resilience, self-worth, and a beautiful gentleness with yourself.
  • Discern which of the Top 8 extremely damaging habits your IMG is in charge of and implement potent practices to align yourself with the woman you choose to be.
  • Learn why your IMG thinks she’s “keeping you safe” and apply the dynamic process that allows you to take the risks she’s been shielding you from so you can flourish and be in control of your own life.
  • Master the small daily go-to steps towards self-love that actually work so you can demonstrate to your children what it looks like to love yourself.

Stage #2: Call In Your Reliable Reinforcements

  • Discover the 5 critical categories when it comes to moving from isolation to a strong personal support system so you can have a restored sense of belonging, less stress, and greater piece of mind.
  • Meet your Inner Champion and her entourage, they’ve been waiting ever so patiently for you. Learn the surprisingly simple way to put them to work for you 24/7 so you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.
  • Exploit an astonishingly simple method to define your panel of reliable reinforcements so you can be more stable in times of stress, setback or loss and be healthier mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Exemplify what support means to you so your children are comfortable asking for and receiving help.
From Pain to Peace
From Pain to Peace

Stage #3: Use Your Body to Your Greatest Advantage

  • Find out the #1 practice that will tune you into your body’s wisdom in 1 second or less so you can hear her message anytime, anywhere.
  • Notice what your body has been trying to tell you for a long time that will leave you feeling renewed and revitalized so making even difficult decisions becomes effortless.
  • Tap into what your body is telling you that will bring alluring shifts to your choices so you can amplify your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
  • Identify when you’ve abandoned your principles and how you can quickly move back into alignment so you can begin to build trust with what your body is communicating and teach your children to do the same.

Stage #4: Express Yourself with Supreme Confidence and Clarity

  • Know with certainty what your specific needs and desires are so you have the ability to speak with confidence and clarity in the conversations that matter most to you.
  • Recognize the Top 10 pitfalls when you don’t speak sincerely and the surefire alternatives to prevent them so you can boost your resolve that impacts every area of your life.
  • Appreciate why your voice matters more than meeting the demands and expectations of others and practice speaking your truth so you can get the words out even if you are feeling intimidated or uncomfortable.
  • Take the concrete measures to align your actions and words with your desires so you can vocalize a thought, idea, or request you have been unable to express before and by example give your children permission to do so as well.
From Pain to Peace

What’s inside the 12-Week Masterful Mom Program:
From Pain to Peace?

From Pain to Peace
12x Weekly Video Lessons
Set yourself up for success each week with an introductory video that will introduce you to the weekly topic, the upcoming lessons, and what you can expect for the upcoming week. ($1,200 value)
From Pain to Peace
4 Stages of Mastery
Sever the Manipulative Grip of Your Inner Mean Girl / Call In Your Reliable Reinforcements / Use Your Body to Your Greatest Advantage / Express Yourself with Supreme Confidence and Clarity
From Pain to Peace
12x Live Community Coaching Calls
Get the support and nurturing you need to easily integrate and embody your learning and progress with personalized attention during the duration of the program.
($1,500 value)
From Pain to Peace
The Masterful Mom Playbook
This foundational playbook will deepen your knowledge and accelerate your growth. ($1,200 value)
From Pain to Peace
8 Mini Stage Surveys
Empower yourself and help you track your progress as you move through the program. ($200 value)
From Pain to Peace
Unlimited Email Support
For any questions that may arise for you in between our calls during the program duration. ($600 value)
From Pain to Peace
Beautiful Printable Tracking Sheets
To celebrate your progress. Yay! ($100 value)

– PROGRAM VALUE: $4,800 –

And the learning doesn’t stop there…

Enjoy exclusive bonuses for enrolling in the Masterful Mom Program: From Pain to Peace.

From Pain to Peace
Gain insight of what your next best steps are through a Bonus Module, an introduction to the next path in the Masterful Mom series.
From Pain to Peace
Further your learning with access to additional helpful resources, checklists, templates, calendars and timelines, delivered directly to you weekly for that week’s lesson.
From Pain to Peace
Access the program materials from anywhere.
From Pain to Peace
Pinpoint exactly what you want to address and what will benefit you most during our time together with your Ramp Up To Results Review.

– BONUS VALUE: $500 –



Inspired By…

Lauren Victor, Evergreen, CO

“Before working with Karen I had never worked with a coach before, so wasn’t totally familiar with the experience. Plus there are hesitations to opening up to someone you don’t know. I figured there was nothing to lose by trying it out. What I was doing on my own wasn’t getting me out of my funk. Working with Karen has helped give me more confidence to work on my dreams.


It was nice to have someone in my corner who was very supportive and helped me envision my next steps in creative ways. I don’t think I realized how important it would be to me to simply have someone who was so positive and encouraging to discuss my ideas and issues. It was important to have someone who kept pushing me to work through stuff, keeping me accountable with processing my ideas and moving forward.


Karen is an incredibly supportive, warm and genuine person. Some of the activities involved examining ideas or emotions in creative ways that I wouldn’t normally do to process things in my life. I think it could be unsettling to try new exercises to process one’s thoughts or experiences, but I never felt judged or unsafe.”

D.M., Denver, CO

“My main hesitation about working with you Karen was being vulnerable and having to really acknowledge I wasn’t super mom and even scarier… that it was ok.


Karen, you are such an amazing mother, friend and person. I can’t think of anyone who I would trust more with such intimate knowledge. Since working with you I’ve noticed a willingness to reframe my negative thoughts. It’s very freeing to know I can make time for myself in small ways which feel meaningful. I am now more confident in what I am modeling for my daughter. Permission isn’t just ok, it’s necessary to ensure I demonstrating to my daughter that it is just as important to put yourself first.


I really liked our honest, laugh filled and frank conversations. I looked forward to every call and in between calls I felt energized and more confident. I felt more solution driven and found myself looking for opportunities to act on my goals. Coaching with you was fun, freeing and impactful. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.


I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone who is feeling stagnant in their parenting. Specifically I think this service will speak to any mother of a daughter.“

Beth Bean, Denver, CO

Mother, Educator, Endless Seeker, Enjoy-er of Life

“Before signing up to work with Karen I wasn’t sure it was going to be truly beneficial and my work schedule is demanding, so I was a little hesitant about finding the time.


I noticed I am all over the place in all I want to do, create, learn, achieve and be. But Karen provided direction to my ever-changing focus. Her homework required me to think outside of the sessions. It held me accountable to the process. And of course, the conversations with Karen and her insightful input was great.


Working with Karen was positive and beneficial. I always felt more focused and uplifted after our sessions. Karen is an incredibly warm, insightful and non- judgmental which creates a space for growth.


I would definitely recommend Karen, because she will gently push you to work on what you desire and offer new perspectives. Each session was a valuable takeaway that made me think about something in a new way. She also made me feel more confident after our sessions.”

Still reading?

Let me put your mind at peace sweet mama. Here’s my promise to you.

My work is intimate and individualized.

A vast amount of research and review goes into working with each mom to allow me to truly witness and champion for my moms.

I offer each client a lavish amount of personalized attention. Meaning we’re going to get on just fine and I have a feeling that we’ll be good friends before you finish the program.

I provide the guidance, the strategies and the support you’ve been seeking and yearning for.


“Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.”


What the 12-Week Masterful Mom Program:
From Pain to Peace Is and What it Isn’t

This program is a DEEP dive into your life to help you heal the pain that has been sitting there for so long, even if you have no idea right now why you’re feeling so empty and lost.

This isn’t a “quick fix”

Over the next 12 weeks we’ll be working closely together 1:1, in a safe environment where we can connect and work on creating your new reality.

This isn’t a program where you are left to do it all alone

Together we’ll create the life you always wanted to live for your children.

This isn’t a band-aid, by doing the work you WILL create sustainable changes


“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

―Agatha Christie, “The Last Séance”

From Pain to Peace
From Pain to Peace
I’m calling you forth to embrace an enriched way of life.

I’m holding a candle to help you find your path.

I’m showing you that there is an easier way.

I’m whispering in your ear to trust yourself to say “YES!”

Just know this: waiting for things to “sort themselves out” is not a strategy! If you wait, nothing will change for the better. It will only continue to deteriorate.

Remember the patterns I mentioned previously? Yeah. They can really mess with you and follow you into adulthood, like they did me.

Don’t let your child suffer the same consequences.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m super busy and don’t have much time. I’m afraid this will suck all the remaining time I have from my hectic life.
I’m totally hearing your concerns. It’s absolutely true that this will require you to dig a little deeper for the next 12 weeks.

But what if the extra effort you put in for a short term will pay off big for you and actually save you heaps of time in the future?

Yes. That’s exactly what you’ll learn. I’ll show you little known rituals and ways to claim back time in a chaotic world. You are going to love this. So go on. Dare a little and gift your child the greatest gift ever—more of YOU.

How will this program help me?
Oh sweet mama. This program will not only revolutionize your mothering… it will empower your children beyond anything you can currently imagine.

You have to know and feel the truth before you can see it. I’m going to help you see clearly so that you can step into joy, bliss and the extraordinary beautiful life that you’re meant to live.

I love this Karen but I need to check with my husband first.
That’s totally fine. I rarely make decisions, especially financial ones without sharing with my husband first. Since we both value and respect our marriage, we make important decisions as partners.

You should too. Just know this. If your husband or partner has any questions at all, please don’t be afraid to reach out so that we can have a chat. I’d love to clarify any questions either of you may have. Simply click the button below to schedule a time to chat.

Still have questions? Then let’s jump on a call and talk through them! I would love to meet you.

From Pain to Peace

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