I couldn’t be more excited for 2018!  

I don’t know that many people would agree with me that 2017 was a great year, but it was.  It was the year that opened up so many conversations about honoring the ‘woman’.  It was the year that heavily focused on bringing more of less into our lives.  Embracing the ways of other cultures and countries that are teaching us to slow down and enjoy more of what we already have.  Hygge from Denmark, Lagom from Sweden—being cozy, connected with nature and ourselves, and letting go of outside influences.  More than ever mainstream media is focusing on self-care and showing us ways to bring that into our lives.

I am excited for 2018 because I want to continue the conversation and move it beyond self-care.  Let’s make self-love sexy over being a size 2.  Let’s make self-knowing more of a priority than conforming.  Let’s move the conversation of self-care into the deeper realm of what I call…


Self-care feels to me yet another thing to add to my to-do list, yet another thing I don’t do well.  But Soul-Care, now you’re speaking my language!  Self-care sounds trivial, yet Soul-Care sounds vital.


What would Soul-Care look like for you?   

Soul-Care: In My Life

This year, for me, Soul-Care has looked like this:

  • Going half way across the country the first weekend in January to attend a retreat.
  • Asking my husband to drop-off and pick-up our daughter from school for nearly 2 weeks because I was sick.
  • Reading a book aloud together as a family.
  • Playing a game most nights either right before or right after dinner.
  • Leaving our outside tree lights up (still) just because I LOVE looking at them.
  • Saying ‘Yes’ to a move because it feels right.

Enter the Realm of Soul-Care

There are many overarching components of Soul-Care.

If we look at the flip side of these questions, where do you find that you are NOT honoring yourself on a regular basis?

Where do you find you’d LIKE to honor yourself more?

Here are some examples:

  • Do you eat foods that nourish and fuel your body?  Or do you find that you use food for comfort or to relieve stress and self-soothe?
  • Do you move your body in a way that is pleasurable for you?  Or do you hate the idea of exercise and have to push, push, push yourself to do anything at all?
  • Do you speak lovingly to yourself and about yourself?  Or do you frequently criticize your body and put yourself down.
  • Do you act in a loving manner with yourself?  Or do you undermine your best efforts by numbing out, people pleasing, perfectionism, control or avoiding and isolating yourself.

These are just the kinds of challenges I help my moms with.  Are you looking for a shift in one of these areas? Reach out with your challenge and I’ll send you a quick practice that will help you make a shift.