Have it All Without Sacrificing What Matters Most… With Private Mentorship

Are you sacrificing what matters most to you in order to get it all done?

Imagine if you could get out of the overwhelm, away from everyone’s demands, and everything else monopolizing your time.

Imagine NOT being consumed with “mom-guilt” every time you try and take a small moment for yourself.

What would your life be like if you had complete sovereignty over your happiness and what gives your life meaning?

… And instead, you found yourself with having the time and energy for the things that are truly important to you and your family.  

… You have the confidence to have those difficult conversations with your husband, your kids, and yourself.  

…You cut the overwhelm and stress from your daily life.

And you are living a life that turns YOU on.

If your heart is screaming yes, yes, yes—I DO want all that, it’s time for us to work together—pronto!  

After working together you will have more time and energy to devote to yourself, your family, and your profession.  You will have a renewed purpose and excitement to your life while leading with your passions and desires. You will be emulating the kind of life you want for your children, and YOU will be inspiration to everyone around you.

Private Mentoring is available in 4-month blocks. An abundant amount of time is spent researching and reviewing you and your life to determine what supports will benefit you most. Every woman is unique and each mom deserves a lavish amount of personal attention to understand how your way of showing up in your world will shape your renewed connection to your life.

Book a 20-minute Spotlight Session to get to know each other…


“I can’t think of a more committed, warm, intelligent, and inspiring women to work with than Karen.

Karen’s style is so very warm and comforting you can’t but help go deep into the experience and really make the most of it. Women/moms could really benefit from Karen’s work because it gets you to think about yourself and what’s truly important in your life. She is extremely talented and has the ability to help moms bring out the best in themselves through her insightful coaching based on her own life experiences and being a mom too.”


“Having Karen as a coach was positive and beneficial.

I always felt more focused and uplifted after our sessions. She is incredibly warm and insightful and non-judgmental which creates a space for growth. Because Karen will gently push you to work on what you desire and offer new perspectives. Karen provided direction to my ever-changing focus.”


“I am more mindful of the choices I am making in each moment.

Karen’s workshops are a good reminder that meaningful growth doesn’t have to come from pain or effort, but can just as easily come emerge from openness and willingness. Her enthusiasm is always infectious and her authenticity helps everyone feel comfortable being authentic themselves. I would absolutely recommend this program to others – it was fun, thoughtful, and I walked away with new insights and goals.”



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