More than a Mom

You are a loving mother, you want nothing but the best for your kids. You dote on them, care for them, ensuring all their needs are met, and you know that you are so much more than all this – you are more than a mom.

Let’s recoup your identity!

Program 1
Program 1
More than a Mom
is a 4-week one-to-one program for the mom with young children who has chosen to honor motherhood as her primary focus at this time in her life. This innovative program moves you into actively recouping your identity amidst motherhoo resulting to a healthy, happy, and loving household and a life rich with meaning.
I wanted to be a mom my whole life, and although I got to try my hand at step-parenting a teenager, I didn’t have the chance to be a mom until I was 39. I became totally consumed with this new role of mom – to the detriment of my marriage, my health, and my daughter. I buckled under the pressure and expectations of being the perfect mom and that no sacrifice was too big for the sake of my daughter.

But I had it all wrong…

The day I realized I was more than a mom was the day I became a GREAT mom and became the woman I wanted to be.

Here’s what you can expect to receive:

Release yourself from the negative impact of your Inner Mean Girl, so you can hear, trust, and act on your own inner wisdom..

Create and enforce healthy boundaries and be able to have difficult conversations with candor, clarity, and compassion.
Feel significant and confident in your role as a mom and easily make decisions that support the well-being of yourself and your family.
Recoup your identity amidst motherhood, resulting in a life rich with meaning.
Be valued and appreciated for your opinions and contributions for family and home life.
Patiently nurture and mentor your children to be empowered, healthy, and happy.
More than a Mom includes:
1:1 mentorship with Karen Gruber
4 (45-minute) 1:1 coaching sessions, via phone or Zoom call
Weekly assignments to keep you moving in the right direction and on the right focus.
Beautiful supporting printed materials where applicable
Email and text support for continued connection between calls
Access to the Visionary Mama private Facebook Group, with additional FREE trainings every Monday
Your biggest cheerleader and BS-caller, all wrapped up in one – here to guide you through your biggest challenges.
Erin, Colorado Springs, CO

Karen really understood what I was feeling, I didn’t realize how much my choices were disempowering me and how miserable it was making me feel. I was so used to it. But once you know what peace of mind feels like, you wonder why you let yourself feel so miserable for so long. This is such a beautiful program Karen created. You can feel the love she put into it. It isn’t a self-improvement course — it’s a life-changing transformational practice.

Karen has a way of relating to people on a personal level that makes everything easier. It doesn’t matter what you are struggling with; through this course you soon realize you are NOT alone, and feel empowered to take control of your perception about how worthy you are. This changed the way I think about motherhood but more importantly, how I think about myself and my soul.”

D.M., Denver, CO

“My main hesitation about working with you Karen was being vulnerable and having to really acknowledge I wasn’t super mom and even scarier… that it was ok.

Karen, you are such an amazing mother, friend and person. I can’t think of anyone who I would trust more with such intimate knowledge. Since working with you I’ve noticed a willingness to reframe my negative thoughts. It’s very freeing to know I can make time for myself in small ways which feel meaningful. I am now more confident in what I am modeling for my daughter. Permission isn’t just ok, it’s necessary to ensure I demonstrating to my daughter that it is just as important to put yourself first.

I really liked our honest, laugh filled and frank conversations. I looked forward to every call and in between calls I felt energized and more confident. I felt more solution driven and found myself looking for opportunities to act on my goals. Coaching with you was fun, freeing and impactful. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.

I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone who is feeling stagnant in their parenting. Specifically I think this service will speak to any mother of a daughter.“

Melanie P., Needham, MA

“What really surprised me about working with Karen was how much I was able to open up and discover about myself, not just about my own core beliefs, but about what I wanted to create in my life and my business, and do so openly. I didn’t think I would be able to reach down and find the truth so easily, but with the support of Karen it happened for me.”

*Investment in coaching

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Here are some of the more common questions I get:

Oh sweet mama. This program will not only revolutionize your mothering… it will empower your children beyond anything you can currently imagine.
You have to know and feel the truth before you can see it. I’m going to help you see clearly so that you can step into joy, bliss and the extraordinary beautiful life that you’re meant to live.
The hardest part of any growth is to have the support of people around you. My guess is that your husband is afraid for you or he is worried that you’ll be investing money in this program and not making it work.
What if you could prove him wrong? I know that you can, so let’s get started.
Hey, I’m happy to have him on the phone with us when we chat, if it helps. I can answer his questions and help you both make a decision that works for the both of you. Just click on the button below to schedule a call.
How much is your happiness worth to you? It’s a serious question. Think about this for a second.
Up until this point you’ve tried to find your purpose and live with more alignment alone, unsuccessfully. You’ve read the personal development blogs, bought the fancy spiritual magazines and listened to the mama podcasts that dished out lots of great advice.
And yet… you’re here. Still searching. Yearning. Dreaming.
You dream is worth any money you care to invest in yourself. I’m serious. When you can live in full alignment with your values and know that you’re doing your life’s purpose work you can only be truly happy and fulfilled.
It’s a done deal. So money is NOT the problem. Your perception of money is.

Still have questions? Then let’s jump on a call and talk through them! I would love to meet you.

Program 1

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