Happy & Whole Working Mom
Mama, you do it all! Working hard to support your family, making sure your kids have everything they need, conceivably keeping a marriage afloat. Before you know it, every moment of every day is jammed full of appointments, commitments, and obligations that benefit everyone else but you.
Isn’t it time for you to regain control of your life?
Program 2
Program 2
Happy & Whole Working Mom
is a 6-week private program for the mom contending with her job and managing a busy household. This unconventional program shows you how to eliminate the exhaustion, stress and guilt that comes from being a working mom. Through a deliberate process, this program will help you regain control of your life, outsmart the myth of work/life balance, prosper in your work, have happy kids, and a life that turns you on.
“We’re all in this together.” Never is this more true than when a mom is working and running a busy household. When I became a new mom, I found myself in a vicious cycle of making myself indispensable (at least in my mind). At first it felt great! I was needed, I felt important, while trying to feel valued as an employee, a mom, and a wife. I encouraged this reliance and before long I was stressed, resentful, and on the edge of burnout. Our schedules were double and triple booked and far too many days I was consumed with guilt over cancelling plans we couldn’t possibly make. Shuttling my daughter from one activity to the next, creating the “perfect” home and being the “perfect” wife. All while working my ass off in our real estate business, days, nights, and weekends. I was “on” every waking moment. I had completely neglected taking care of myself in all regards and turned to drinking to numb the pain.
And then I realized that work-life balance is a dangerous myth and my wellness mattered too!
That realization SAVED my marriage, my health, and my family.
Here’s what you can expect to receive:
Eliminate time wasters and the things, activities and people that drain your energy so you can easily focus on the items that strengthen your family.
Effortlessly enforce healthy boundaries that support your needs, values, and goals at work, at home and with yourself.
Become the authority of your life and powerfully lead yourself and your family with impactful changes to your schedules and routines.
Outsmart the myth of work-life balance and eliminate overwhelm.
Transform your wellness to recover from stress, burnout, and unhealthy coping strategies—without any guilt.
Have the time and energy to promote all the things that are important to you and your family
Create a calm and centered emotional environment to nourish your children’s well-being and be deeply connected as a family.
Here’s what you can expect to be included:
1:1 mentorship with Karen Gruber
6 (45-minute) 1:1 coaching sessions, via phone or Zoom call
Weekly assignments to keep you moving in the right direction and on the right focus
Beautiful supporting printed materials where applicable
Email and text support for continued connection between calls
Access to the Visionary Mama private Facebook Group, with additional FREE trainings every Monday
Customized resources designed to resolve your distinct challenges
Your biggest cheerleader and BS-caller, all wrapped up in one – here to guide you through your biggest challenges.
“Before signing up to work with Karen I wasn’t sure it was going to be truly beneficial and my work schedule is demanding, so I was a little hesitant about finding the time.

I noticed I am all over the place in all I want to do, create, learn, achieve and be. But Karen provided direction to my ever-changing focus. Her homework required me to think outside of the sessions. It held me accountable to the process. And of course, the conversations with Karen and her insightful input was great.

Working with Karen was positive and beneficial. I always felt more focused and uplifted after our sessions. Karen is an incredibly warm, insightful and non- judgmental which creates a space for growth.

I would definitely recommend Karen, because she will gently push you to work on what you desire and offer new perspectives. Each session was a valuable takeaway that made me think about something in a new way. She also made me feel more confident after our sessions.”

Beth Bean, Denver, CO

Mother, Educator, Endless Seeker, Enjoy-er of Life

“Karen is my go-to expert when it comes to simplifying all the crazy that runs through my head. To-do lists, projects, mindset shifts, you name it…Karen knows how to sort through the information overload I’m usually feeling and cut right to the chase of what I need to do vs. what’s just a shiny distraction. She’s gifted at asking the right questions, in the right way, in order to help trim our to-do lists and finally grant the permission we need to stop doing everything and being everything to everyone.

The level of support Karen gives her clients is unparalleled for a coach today. She’s present on the calls, available by email and there when the life stuff comes up too. This, regardless of the other benefits, is what made the investment to work with her more than worth it.”

Julia W., Indianapolis, IN

“Before working with Karen I had never worked with a coach before, so wasn’t totally familiar with the experience. Plus there are hesitations to opening up to someone you don’t know. I figured there was nothing to lose by trying it out. What I was doing on my own wasn’t getting me out of my funk. Working with Karen has helped give me more confidence to work on my dreams.

It was nice to have someone in my corner who was very supportive and helped me envision my next steps in creative ways. I don’t think I realized how important it would be to me to simply have someone who was so positive and encouraging to discuss my ideas and issues. It was important to have someone who kept pushing me to work through stuff, keeping me accountable with processing my ideas and moving forward.

Karen is an incredibly supportive, warm and genuine person. Some of the activities involved examining ideas or emotions in creative ways that I wouldn’t normally do to process things in my life. I think it could be unsettling to try new exercises to process one’s thoughts or experiences, but I never felt judged or unsafe.”

Lauren Victor, Evergreen, CO

*Investment in coaching

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Here are some of the more common questions I get:

I’m totally hearing your concerns. It’s absolutely true that this will require you to dig a little deeper for the next 6 weeks.

But what if the extra effort you put in for a short term will pay off big for you and actually save you heaps of time in the future?

Yes. That’s exactly what you’ll learn. I’ll show you little known rituals and ways to claim back time in a chaotic world. You are going to love this. So go on. Dare a little and gift your child the greatest gift ever—more of the real YOU.

Because I have a proven method that leaves no one behind. Even if you wanted to, I wouldn’t let you give up.

Oh no sweet mama. When we decide to work together we’re bonded, like glue, only with less sticky residue.

I’m going to help you figure this out, one step at a time.

Is it, really? I’m curious, what prompted you to think like this?

Is it because you don’t believe in yourself?

Is it because you don’t think that you deserve to be fully happy and fulfilled?

Or is it because you’re attaching a stigma to life coaching… thinking that this is some kind of shrink work?

Look, it doesn’t matter why you’re thinking that way. What matters is that you either believe you deserve and can live on purpose or you don’t.

If you do, let’s talk. If you don’t, I hope that one day in the near future you will see the truth. Bless you.

Still have questions? Then let’s jump on a call and talk through them! I would love to meet you.

Program 2

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