Every Woman has a ROAR inside.

A ROAR to be Whole,
A ROAR to Create,
A ROAR to Lead,
A ROAR to finally & unapologetically stand in her truth
once and for all!

Every Woman has a ROAR inside.

A ROAR to be Whole,
A ROAR to Create,
A ROAR to Lead,
A ROAR to finally & unapologetically stand in her truth once and for all!

ROAR -the Experience

The 6-month deep dive program for women who want to liberate their identity, voice and sovereignty.

You’re a brilliant woman and it’s remarkable what you do.

But you know you have more:


More creativity buried deep inside.


More ideas you want heard.


More desires wanting to be met.


More dreams waiting to come true.


More potential to tap into.

But trying to squeeze yourself into being someone you’re not, has left you feeling frustrated, angry, and depleted.

No matter how hard you try, you’re not quite sure how to make it happen for you. You’re tired of the competition, the expectations, and the crushing disappointments. And it’s left you silent. Silent to yourself, your needs, and your potential.

Maybe you’ve experienced…


Pushing, pushing, pushing to get stuff done, feeling like most things are a real struggle with nothing really to show for it.


Giving in to the direction and advice of others even when it’s against your better judgement.


Silencing your voice, opinions or ideas for fear of being judged or ridiculed.


Resigning to the fact that you should be grateful for what you have and things really “aren’t that bad.”

And maybe you’ve tried…


Reading up on how to be happy and whole.


Listening to the cutting-edge podcasts.


Implementing a sporadic, bare-bones self-care routine.


Figuring it out on your own, only to be discouraged by your lack of results.

If everything you’ve attempted so far has left you more frustrated and disheartened than before, you may not have realized this one truth:

Our current systems and structures are not designed with “you” in mind.

We live in linear, action and achievement oriented, competitive environments. Constantly pushed to strive, strive, strive – always DOing.

But you, all-powerful, beautiful woman, are designed to succeed and flourish when you are BEing.

I say this not to make you feel victimized (because sister, you are NOT a victim), but rather I invite you to empower yourself with this awareness so you can respond and move through the world differently.

It’s no wonder that you experience high levels of frustration, anger, and depletion.


Believe me, I get it!

I’m Karen Gruber and for the past fifteen years, I’ve been helping soulful, spiritual women like you who are awakening to a bigger vision for themselves; live empowered in their personal, professional, and business lives, using an unconventional leadership approach that honors their mind, body, spirit, and soul.

But it wasn’t always easy. From a young age, due to pressure from my family and being very unpopular at school, I had shut down my truth. Trying to be anyone but me in order to fit in.

When I first became a wife and mother these feelings only amplified. I thought I’d lost my voice, my dreams and myself forever.

This led to drinking and eating in excess to numb the emotional pain and keeping my needs and beliefs silent until I fooled myself they didn’t really matter. This worked for a long time, until I realized the horrible example I was setting for my daughter, and I was desperate to break this cycle so I could have a different experience and model the same for her.

It took me many years of trying to break out of the box I’d forced myself into; when I finally realized how much I mattered. Not just Karen the wife, or Karen the mom—but Karen the woman. When that shift occurred, I finally was able to break free from the self-destructive patterns and beliefs that had kept me in check for far too long.

The first few years of reclaiming my identity, my voice, and sovereignty, I was stuck in the same place you might be stuck now: afraid to voice my true opinions, beliefs, and ideas for fear I’d be judged, challenged, or told I was wrong or stupid. I felt invisible and “less-than” at times and had massive self-judgment because nothing I tried was working.

Finally, I realized I was trying to fit into a structure that didn’t care about me as a person. It didn’t care WHO I was, it only cared about WHAT I was.

That realization saved my life. I had to take what I thought I knew about myself and what made me valuable and turn it on its head. I had to start over almost from scratch, cultivating my identity and my voice based on MY truth, not somebody else’s. And once I did, the pieces of my life began to fall into place almost overnight.

And that’s why I designed this program – to show you exactly how to get everything you want out of life. Women are magical. When you live in your zone of brilliance, you positively affect all those around you while maximizing your influence and impact – and you give others permission to do the same.

You can liberate your sovereignty, your identity and your voice while BEing the woman you were meant to be.

Imagine fierce one, when you’re able to…


  • Harness the courage to voice your opinion, even if it’s an unpopular one, with grace and certainty; and have it received with respect, leaving you feeling strong and vivacious.
  • Instill and be so aligned with your virtues that every decision is made effortlessly, adding to your confidence as you move into your life.
  • Attract the experiences, careers, relationships, and finances, that make you tingle with excitement as you have complete dominion of what you bring into your life.
  • Master the fear that holds you back; no more fear of sounding stupid, being judged, being seen, showing-off, being wrong, or being challenged; because your knowledge of who you are keeps you safe.
  • Cultivate an incredible relationship with your power, never feeling like you have to “tame” it or tamp it down. Claim your place at the table and feel magnificent in your contributions.
  • Reclaim the ecstasy and empowerment that comes from inside of you, no longer pushing so hard to get everything done, and instead being pulled toward life and on purpose with your divine path.>
  • Be turned on by your life that’s become what dreams are made of and you’re flourishing like you never thought possible.

Introducing ROAR – the Experience

A 6-month deep dive to liberate your sovereignty, identity, and voice and never have to be silent again.

Being able to speak up and out in the world can be one of the most difficult things your soul asks you to do. To do this effectively, confidently, and safely you need a container, an incubator to get started. This program shows you how to craft that container with plenty of room to practice what you’re discovering in a safe and supportive environment.

You will leave knowing how to be the authority of your own life and experience what it means to be you.

This isn’t a group program designed to take your money and leave you hanging in the weeds. Or a class with a bunch of strategies that only get you part way there.

No, sweet sister, I made this program with you in mind. You’ll receive NEW strategies and I’ll teach you how to embody each principle so you can integrate everything you learn to create sustainable change and create the life that is your birthright.

Each potent module is set up for instruction the 1st week, then practice and embodiment the 2nd. This is the key to instilling and anchoring your learning.

Here’s what you’ll receive from this program:

Phase #1: Awaken

The first step to this deep dive is to AWAKEN the parts of you that you’ve neglected, ignored, or denied. Awakening to these elements, will provide the missing foundation necessary for your success.


  • Align your actions with your NORTH STAR so you react in any situation with confidence and certainty, create credibility, and decision-making becomes a snap.
  • Revitalize your compelling VISION and attract the limitless possibilities you crave to achieve any outcome you desire. Select your soul project to complete during our time together.
  • Rouse your COURAGE while you build resilience in expressing your opinions and ideas, take on new behaviors, and embrace decisions that are in sync with your North Star.
  • Unleash your FEMININE GENIUS, the most attractive, irresistible, and potent source within you and experience less push and struggle as you live as a significant, empowered woman.

Phase #2: Activate

Now that all the juiciness is rising to the surface, it’s time to ACTIVATE and implement the next steps to liberating your sovereignty, identity, and voice. This is where you’ll start to see more results in a shorter period of time.


  • Instill your commitment of INTEGRITY TO SELF, as you gain trust, influence, and impact in your daily interactions, deepening the intimacy and meaning you crave in all your
  • Experience EMBODIMENT as an exquisite vehicle to connect with yourself, your body, and the world with greater insight and wisdom, with increased peace and ease.
  • Master your FEAR as you become more visible, and dismantle the self-sabotaging and adaptive strategies that hold you back, so you can embrace the divine destiny you’ve been denying yourself.
  • Unlock the secret power of your SHADOWS, your biggest blind-spots, persistent patterns and inner saboteurs; find the gift in your dark side and give yourself the freedom to live authentically.

Phase# 3 – Amplify

The excitement is reaching a climax; it’s time to AMPLIFY all you’ve been working toward. As it’s revealed to you that yes—you really have it in you, you have all that it takes to be the woman you want to be. The woman who is the ultimate authority of her life, the woman whose voice always rings true for herself and others, a woman who ROARs!


  • Elevate your captivating VOICE and use it to make a difference in your life and the lives of others as you courageously step into your unique style of leadership and prosperity.
  • Transform your RELATIONSHIP WITH POWER and authentically affect others in a profound way. Lifting up other women to do the same, without being abrasive or having to control.
  • Claim your SOVEREIGNTY and freedom to be whole so you remain loyal to the divine authority that resides within you.
  • Maximize CELEBRATIONS and reflection to provide motivation and keep you directed and focused as you pursue your divine path.

I can’t wait to witness your ROAR!!!

Here’s what you’ll receive when we work together:

45-minute Explore Your ROAR Coaching Session

Your Explore Your ROAR Coaching Session is designed to get you crystal clear on your goals and ambitions while participating in this program. Its purpose is to get you off to your best possible start so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

Weekly assignments to keep you moving in the right direction

The beauty of this work is the magic that happens between our calls. To keep the momentum going, your weekly homework assignments will help you implement what you’re learning and keep you on track with the outcomes you desire.

18 (60 minute)1:1 coaching sessions, via phone or Zoom, via Zoom

In addition to the Explore Your ROAR Coaching Session, you’ll receive 18, 60-minute combined teaching and intuitive laser coaching sessions where you’ll receive specific instruction, individual guidance, and feedback on everything you’re working on. I coach from a place of deep love and service which means I’m your biggest cheerleader and BS-caller, all wrapped up in one – here to guide you through your biggest challenges.

Unlimited Voxer support

Sometimes you just need 3-minutes to flush out an idea or to get back on track when life happens. With unlimited Voxer support, I’m here to support you when the unexpected arises. Don’t leave a question to fester between our calls, this unprecedented support can be the key to optimizing your results.

Supporting materials and customized resources

Each woman I work with is unique. When working together I’ll send you beautiful supporting printed materials where applicable and share customized resources designed to resolve your distinct challenges.

Daily Inspiration

Start your day off in the right frame of mind with daily prompts delivered to your inbox. These inspirational nuggets will help motivate and encourage you during our time together.

To recap, here’s the overview of what you’ll receive in this program:

 3 Stages of Mastery with 12 potent modules (Priceless)

AWAKEN your…

  • North Star
  • Vision
  • Courage
  • Feminine Genius


  • Integrity to Self
  • Embodiment
  • Fear
  • Shadows


  • Voice
  • Relationship with Power
  • Sovereignty
  • Celebrations
  • Explore Your ROAR Coaching Session ($300)
  • Specialized Weekly Assignments ($1,200)
  • 18 Private Coaching Sessions ($7,200)
  • Unlimited Voxer Support ($1,200)
  • Supporting Materials and Resources ($600)
  • Daily Inspiration ($600)


TOTAL VALUE: Over $11,100

Added Value…Here’s your fabulous bonuses

  • A gorgeous, congratulatory journal for you to track your magnificent thoughts, ideas, and progress as you move through the program.
  • Recorded grounding meditation to help with any emotional shifts you’re working with on any given day.
  • Spotlight in the Inspired Mama Newsletter – Gain exposure and visibility for your new found ROAR. By being featured in the Inspired Mama Newsletter, reach thousands of women and moms looking to make a difference in the world.



Are you feeling resistance or fear on one hand and excitement on the other? Then you’re in the perfect place sweet sister. Resistance is your mind that says “Oh my-things are about to change”. But isn’t that precisely what you yearn for?

I’m so ready Karen, how do we get started?

Your success in this program is top importance to me, so I want to make sure it’s a great fit for you. To ensure you receive the outcomes you’re looking for, it’s essential that we’re a great match

If you suspect you’re in the right place, here are your next steps:

Step 1

You deserve this exquisite experience. Book your Connection Call (it’s free!) where we’ll get to know each other and determine if this program is a perfect fit for you.

Step 2

Complete the Introductory Connection Questions which will help me come to our call prepared and ready to serve you.

Step 3

If we decide this is a fit, I’ll send over our program agreement for you to sign and you’ll either pay the deposit or full amount, depending on which payment option you choose.

Step 4

Next, we’ll get your Explore Your ROAR Coaching Session on the calendar and I’ll send you some fun homework to complete before we meet. Yay!

The ROAR experience will be a perfect fit if you’re ready to:


  • Transform your life through personal and spiritual development, communication and feminine leadership.
  • Activate the most attractive and potent force within you.
  • Increase your visibility, your ability to be heard and make the impact you desire.
  • Be fully expressed in your personal and professional life.
  • Discover your ROAR and walk your own divine path of freedom.

Don’t let another minute go by before you commit to your happiness and ultimate well-being.

Our world is rapidly changing, and we need powerful, feminine leaders like never before in our homes, our communities, our houses of worship, and our places of business.

It’s time for you to find your ROAR, and share it with the world. It’s time for you to create and model the life you so deeply desire and give permission for others to do the same.

It’s time to celebrate you!

Here’s to your ROAR!

Got questions? I’ve got answers!


How much is your happiness and expression in this life worth to you? It’s a serious question. Think about this for a second.

Up until this point you’ve tried to find your purpose and live with more alignment, unsuccessfully. You’ve read the personal development blogs, bought the fancy spiritual magazines and listened to the podcasts that dished out lots of great advice.

And yet… you’re here. Still searching. Yearning. Dreaming.

This is a short-term investment with life-long results.

Your dream is worth any money you care to invest in yourself. I’m serious. When you can live in full alignment with your values and know that you’re doing your life’s purpose work, you can only be truly happy and fulfilled.


I agree. There’s a ton of information out there for you to choose from and it can quickly become overwhelming.

My guess is … you’re here because you’ve already tried figuring things out on your own.
How’s that working out for you?

Not so good, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this page!

I understand how overwhelming it can be because I was once in your shoes. And it wasn’t until I took the leap and invested in myself that I started to see real change unfold.

Unfortunately for me, this took years sifting through tons of information, programs and working with a coach to figure out my path to success.

Now I can do the same for you in a fraction of the time.


Because I have a proven method that leaves no one behind. Even if you wanted to, I wouldn’t let you give up.

Oh no sweet sister. When we decide to work together we’re bonded, like glue, only with less sticky residue.

I’m going to help you figure this out, one step at a time.

Still have questions? Then let’s jump on a call and talk through them! I would love to meet you.

I’m ready to unleash my ROAR!

Melanie P., Needham, MA

“What really surprised me about working with Karen was how much I was able to open up and discover about myself, not just about my own core beliefs, but about what I wanted to create in my life and my business, and do so openly. I didn’t think I would be able to reach down and find the truth so easily, but with the support of Karen it happened for me.”

Kelly T., Boulder, CO

“Karen’s support has been invaluable! She’s skilled at staying focused on the big picture and helping me understand when opportunities or to-dos aren’t aligned with my core message or goals. I’ve learned to say no, simplify my daily tasks and focus on the specific action steps that will actually move me forward.

What I love most about Karen is that she truly embodies what she teaches. She is an incredible example of living with purpose, inspiring your family, building a business doing what you love, clearing the clutter and creating a lifestyle of freedom. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to build an intentional life and career aligned with their strengths and the lifestyle they desire.”

Alicia S., Denver, CO

“When I started working with Karen, I felt very scattered as I struggled to balance my desire to grow my business with raising my two young sons. My first talk with Karen helped me relax and refocus. I could tell she was as deeply committed to my goals as I was, and I knew with her support I could succeed. Karen gently pushes me out of my comfort zone both personally and professionally. On the business side, I have a clearer vision of where I am going and what I need to do to get there. I have attracted more clients and conducted teleseminars, which I never would have done without her guidance. On a personal level, my work with Karen has reminded me to consistently work on my well-being which has helped me be more loving and patient with my family. I am sincerely grateful to have Karen’s support as I pursue my dreams.”


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