Hello Sweet Mama,

My name is Karen Gruber -The Inspired Mama and I am the hostess of this community. I am so very honored to have you here. We officially open on Monday, March 19, 2018.

I am so excited that you are ready to build towards reclaiming your rightful, beautiful place in this world and capturing a life filled with meaning for you.

This community is a safe, smart and supportive playground for you to open up, ask or comment about your challenges and topics related to Life as a Mom! Topics such as; relationships, personal development, self-devotion, family, desire, mindset, meaning and fulfillment. We are a diverse group of moms, each of us bringing our unique experiences and insights to our community.

Please share your brags, ask your questions, and get the support you need. Be generous with offering your support to the other beautiful mamas here ?

This community is designed for connection, not spam, promotions or solicitations. My intention with this group is to have a safe haven-free from judgement where we can connect and encourage each other with our dreams, desires and shifts we are wanting to create for ourselves and our families. It is a dedicated forum focused on YOU where I share blog posts, videos, free coaching, and resources to help inspire you in creating the shifts and changes you want for your life and the lives of your family.

You are not alone!! I am here and you have this whole group of amazing moms with love and support here too!!

In order to foster belonging, joy and generosity in the group, PLEASE REFRAIN from:

-Posting random photos, quotes or links without your story or explanation of why this holds meaning for you, or a question.

-Drama, lewd posts, negativity, or unkind remarks towards another.

-Asking for technical or specific program related questions; please direct all technical and program questions to support@theinspiredmama.com.

-Business solicitation of community members through posts or private messages will not be tolerated. Business related questions are welcome, direct solicitations are not. If you are not sure about something you wish to post—please Private Message me first with the details!

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Make friends, support and encourage one another, and ask questions.

Look for my livestreams and other trainings to help you with emotional pain, overwhelm and stress, and filling your life with what is meaningful for you!

Other delights you can look forward to throughout the week:

Monday Peace: What is the ONE thing you want to accomplish this week that would make your life easier or bring you peace of mind?

Wednesday Grace: Presentation on 1 of the 52 Graces of Motherhood, discover new ways of bringing these essential qualities into your life.

Friday Alive: Photo and story submissions of you doing something meaningful, fulfilling, or pleasurable for yourself.

*For working and entrepreneurial mamas, every Thursday we will have a thread that you may post and promote information about your business or any current offer you may have. I wish to support all mamas, AND this is not a business group. Limit these types of posts to the Thursday thread.

NOW, start a new thread and take a minute to introduce yourself:

1. Name (or what you like to be called)
2. Where you live
3. Tell us one of your favorite things about being a Mom

Welcome to the community again. I can’t wait to hear all about your Inspired Mama-ness!
Big Love,