Many of us go through periods in our life when we feel “less than” or we feel inherently flawed at some deep fundamental level.


As you may know, these types of messages are coming through loud and clear—being broadcast by your Inner Mean Girl (IMG).  And you may understand by now that your IMG is not really you, and her messages are designed to keep you safe.

Yet in this case, safe equals stuck, safe equals no growth and safe ultimately equals deterioration.

There is an antidote to all of this mess.  There are many tools and management strategies that will help you keep your IMG in check.  Each one on its own is powerful, yet when you put them all together and have different methods for different situations you can feel certain and confident that you will be equipped to handle any situation that comes your way.


One of the first tools I was introduced to many years ago, is your Inner Champion.  FUN!!

 Inner Mean Girl vs Inner Champion

 I love visualizing this up on a marquee in bright lights.


An often overlooked and secret “weapon”, your Inner Champion encourages you to be who you are meant to be deep down at your core.  She doesn’t understand the meaning of all the fear your IMG generates, and the restrictions and pigeon holes your IMG keeps trying to stuff you into.  She is truly your greatest champion and you IMG’s most feared nemesis.

Your Inner Champion is a brilliantly effective way to manage the negative impact of your IMG.  Where your IMG tells you lies, your Inner Champion only tells you truths—your truths.

My Inner Champion has been getting a colossal workout lately.  When things aren’t going smoothly at home, in your relationships or in your career/business, it is the perfect breeding ground for your IMG to have a field day.  With practice and understanding your Inner Champion can become the prominent voice in your head.

Instead of telling you – you can’t handle it, or that you are going to fail so you may as well not even try, your Inner Champion will support and encourage you as you find your way.


There are numerous visualizations, meditations and exercises out there to “introduce” you to her. None of those worked for me.

SPOILER ALERT. It wasn’t until someone said, “She’s your higher-self ” did I understand what I was trying to connect with. So there you have it. Your Inner Champion is your higher self.

And what do you think she wants for you? You got it, she wants you to be the best you, you can be. She wants you to love yourself, have compassion for yourself, take great care of yourself, stand up for yourself and more.

If you get really quiet and really still you can hear her. As you shift your attention towards her and away from your IMG, it is your Inner Champion that will be whispering sweet nothings in your ear and catapulting you to anything and everything you aspire to be.

Your Inner Champion protects, defends and honors everything that is RIGHT about you.

Does your IMG still have her way with you or are you letting your Inner Champion take her rightful place and have the voice that captures your attention?