Put yourself on your calendar.

Schedule a VIP Day with Karen.

Put yourself on your calendar.

Schedule a VIP Day with Karen.

Your VIP day is one of the most delicious gifts you will ever give yourself.  

This is not only about honoring you through this time you have devoted to just you, you will experience a great deal of change in a relatively short amount of time. This is an opportunity to cut away months (if not years) of frustration, stagnation, and disappointment. This is your time to take a deep dive into what matters to you most right now. This is a prime opportunity to achieve 1 to 2 very specific and focused outcomes. Your session is ours to design. That means we will focus solely on your distinct challenges and desires. If you are thinking, “Gosh, if I could just get this off my plate.” Or “If I could get a grip on this—everything else will fall into place,” this is for you to take advantage of.

Your VIP day is completely customizable to meet you where you are right now. This is just for you to pick whatever you want to address first. We do prep work prior to your special day so we can hit the ground running without getting lost in the backstory.  

VIP Days
VIP Days

Here are some examples of what we could cover during our time together:

Govern Emotional Pain & Self-Undermining

Command of Overwhelm & Stress

Sovereignty of Happiness & What Gives Your Life Meaning

Included in your VIP DAY are the following goodies:

VIP Days

Ramp Up to Results 1-on-1 Session

Pinpoint exactly what you want to address and what will benefit you most during our VIP time together with this preliminary session.

VIP Days

VIP Time 

Get your hands on training during our lavish VIP time together.

VIP Days

Integration Follow-Up Call

Clarify any questions that come up after our VIP time together with this special follow-up session.

VIP Days
Keys to an Awesome VIP Day Checklist.

Prepare yourself – body, mind, heart and spirit – to receive an abundance of growth with Your Keys to an Awesome VIP Day Checklist.

VIP Days
The Masterful Mom VIP Playbook

Easily integrate and embody your learning and progress with your customized Masterful Mom VIP Playbook. Use it to deepen your knowledge and accelerate your growth.

VIP Days
2 Weeks of Unlimited Email Support

Sometimes you just need a quick clarification on something we covered, or something has come up unexpectedly while you continue your work. Get these questions answered for 2 weeks after our time together with unlimited email support.

VIP Days
4-Week Action Plan

This customized plan will assist you in staying on track with your momentum as it outlines your next steps to optimize your success based on what we covered during your VIP session and your desires.

Get in touch to apply for a VIP Day with Karen…

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“I can’t think of anyone who I would trust more with such intimate knowledge.

My main hesitation was being vulnerable and having to really acknowledge I wasn’t supermom and even scarier… that it was ok. I am now more confident in what I am modeling for my daughter.  I would absolutely recommend Karen to anyone who is feeling stagnant.”


“Having Karen as a coach was positive and beneficial.

I always felt more focused and uplifted after our sessions. She is incredibly warm and insightful and non-judgmental which creates a space for growth. Because Karen will gently push you to work on what you desire and offer new perspectives. Karen provided direction to my ever-changing focus.”


“I am more mindful of the choices I am making in each moment.

Karen’s workshops are a good reminder that meaningful growth doesn’t have to come from pain or effort, but can just as easily come emerge from openness and willingness. Her enthusiasm is always infectious and her authenticity helps everyone feel comfortable being authentic themselves. I would absolutely recommend this program to others – it was fun, thoughtful, and I walked away with new insights and goals.”


VIP Days

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