Knowing where you shine can put you on the right path towards personal growth and development.


Your strengths, gifts and talents are the things you do well and perhaps even better than most.

They are where the source of your talent lies.

They encompass skills and tasks that come to you naturally and sometimes effortlessly.

Perhaps you are an excellent public speaker or fantastic storyteller, you may be exceptional in problem-solving or critical thinking.  You may be an excellent cook or party planner. We all have something that we are inherently good at as individuals that we can leverage in our personal lives or even use to build a career, a business and enhance our relationships.

Experts encourage us to build on our strengths and parlay them into something bigger. Our strengths empower us to set and achieve goals necessary for us to succeed in life whether professionally or personally.


You might find it easier to name your weaknesses than your strengths, as it’s always easier to focus on the negative over the positive. Our weaknesses are those things that prevent us from reaching our personal best, ultimately holding us back from the things we desire most.

They are the things we are not good at or do not hold our interest. In fact, you may find that you have huge resistance around these things and avoid performing these tasks, taking on these duties or having the hard conversations about these topics.


There are several free and cost-driven tools on the market that can help you identify your strengths.  A popular paid for favorite is the Clifton Strengths Assessment which promises to help you figure out what it is you do naturally.

My favorite free character strengths identification tool is the VIA Strengths Survey, which can provide a degree of insight into your character strengths.

You can always identify your strengths, gifts and talents the old-fashioned way and create a list of all your strengths. Here are some ways you can uncover your strengths, gifts and talents:

*Notice what it is you enjoy or do well

*Notice what people love about you

*Take note of your accomplishments

*Notice the facets of your character and personality

*Notice what it is you are doing when time seems to stand still

*Notice how you express yourself creatively

*Notice what you do with family and friends

*Notice ways you take care of yourself

*Notice what it is you are doing when you forget about everything else

*Notice what you are creating in your career or business

*Notice your ‘je ne sais quoi’

*Ask a friend

Knowing your strengths sets you up to make plans that allow you to define your vision, set goals, establish a plan of action, and take charge of your personal growth.  Knowing your strengths, gifts and talents can guide you in identifying the situations within which you thrive or struggle.